Egg powder

DESCRIPTION: Whole egg powder is produced from whole hen eggs by dried spray method. Fresh hen eggs are separated from shells filtrated, pasteurized, spray dried  and packed into bags. Product do not have any chemical or functional additives.                             

APPLICATIONS: It is recommended to use in the manufacture of bakery products, confectionery, convenience foods, shortbread, pasta, cakes, sauces, dressing, mayonnaise, and more.

 COMPOSITION: 100% whole egg powder. 1 kg of regenerated egg powder is equivalent to 82 hen eggs.
                  Color: from cream to light yellow
                  Smell and taste:  characteristic for eggs, without foreign tastes and smells.
                  Consistency:  powder, homogeneous, there are allowed little solids. Any mechanical pollution is not allowed.
ORIGIN: Poland


Moisture  [ % ]                                                                                   no more than 5%
Ph                                                                                                           7,5-9,5
Solubility [ % ]                                                                                   min. 85%
Nutritional value:
Energy value                                                                                       548 kcal/100g /   2286 kJ/100 g
Fat                                                                                                       min 38%
Of which
Saturated faty acids ( SAFA) g/100g                                                 13,1
Unsaturated fats
Carbohydrates  [ % ]                                                                           4,9
Total sum of sugar after inversion   [ % ]                                  < 0,2
Dietary fibre [ % ]                                                                               < 0,5
Proteins   [ % ]                                                                                    51
Salt Na Cl g/100g                                                                               1,25
Oxigen mezofilius OLD microorganisms                                          ≤ 10 4jtk/g
Enterobacteriaceae                                                                             < 10 jtk/g
Escherichia coli                                                                                  absent
Staphylococcus aureus                                                                       absent
Bacillus cereus                                                                                   < 10 jtk/g
Listeria monocytogenes                                                                     absent in 25g                
Salmonella in 25 g                                                                             absent in 25g
Βutric acid                                                                                          < 10 mg/kg
Lactic                                                                                                  < 10 mg/kg
Ash  %                                                                                                       3,58
Na g/100g                                                                                                  0,50
NaCl g/100g                                                                                              1,25
Arsenic  mg/kg                                                                                         <0,010
Cadmium mg/kg                                                                                       0,012
Lead mg/kg                                                                                               0,090
Mercury mg/kg                                                                                         0,0009
Pesticides – screening- SCR
     Organochlorine pesticides mg/kg                                                   below quantification limit
     Organophosphorus pesticides mg/kg                                              below quantification limit
     Pyrethroids mg/kg                                                                           below quantification limit
     Other pesticides mg/kg                                                                    below quantification limit
      WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ   pg/g fat                                                            0,821
      WHO-PCB-TEQ  pg/ g fat                                                                   0,113
      WHO-PCDD/F-PCB-TEQ  pg/  g fat                                                   0,934
      Sum PCB ( ICES -6) ng/ g fat                                                              <0,6    
Antibiotic residues – Premi Test                                                                absent
      Aflatoxin B1  µg/kg                                                                              <0,10
      Aflatoxin B2  µg/kg                                                                               <0,05
      Aflatoxin  G1   µg/kg                                                                             <0,10
      Aflatoxin  G2  µg/kg                                                                              <0,05

PACKING AND TRANSPORTATION: Multilayer paper bags with a polypropylene layer inside with net weight 20 kg, or cardboard boxes with plastic liner  inside with net weight 25 kg.
 STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION CONDITIONS: Store in cool and dry place with max temp 20°C. Means of transport protect from harmful atmospheric influence and pollution.
SHELF LIFE: 18 months on condition that proper storage conditions are assured.
ORIGIN OF INGREDIENTS: Hen eggs acquired from approved suppliers compatible with specification and actual EU and Polish requirements and norms.
LABELING: Label clear, legible, containing the following information: the name and address of plant, name of product, batch number, storage conditions, expiry date, net weight, components of product, WE number, allergens, nutritional value table                                                        

QUALITY  SYSTEMS: Producer works in accordance with  Food Safety Health System HACCP. Product has BRC sertificate.

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