The world's fastest scrambled eggs

SCRÆGG is not just the world's fastest scrambled eggs - they are probably the world's easiest. SCRÆGG only takes 15 seconds to prepare. You steam the eggs in the SCRÆGG machine where steam and pressure helps the natural fat in the yolk evolve to a delicious, creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs without using any fat, oil or kitchen equipment. 

To Go or To Stay?

That is entirely up to you. SCRÆGG can both be served in the To Go cup where you can eat on the road or be served on a plate, so you can eat right where you are. SCRÆGG can be sold anywhere: Canteens, cafés, hotels, bakeries, restaurants, gas stations, street food and festivals. Therefore, regardless if you are in a café, hotel, canteen or similar and wishes to an easy serving with scrambled eggs, or you are on festival and want a healthier meal, SCRÆGG is an option. Furthermore, it is possible to sell SCRÆGG from "The Scrægg Van" - a small 'tuk tuk' wagon similar to the street coffee wagons you already see. Only one's imagination limits where you eat SCRÆGG and for the use of SCRÆGG. 

Animal Welfare, Environment and Health 

Scrambled eggs are not just eggs - on the opposite. SCRÆGG is actually scrambled eggs served in environmental-friendly packaging consisting of compostable fork and to go cup. Furthermore, the eggs used for SCRÆGG are exclusively organic and produced by organic egg producers where the egg layers have access to a coop with minimum 70 % vegetation and 50 % bushes and trees. Besides, SCRÆGG is a healthy meal because eggs are good for one's nutrition because of the high level of protein and the fact that eggs contain all vitamins and minerals except C.

Organic Whole Egg

To make Scrægg, use Organic Whole Eggs.

SCRÆGG machine

Steam in 15 seconds and voilà: Scrambled eggs without any use of fat or kitchen equipment. It does not get any easier! 


SCRÆGG To Go? SCRÆGG comes in environmental-friendly packaging, where both fork and to go are compostable.